Different Types Of The Doors

Doors are an integral part of every building. There will be no building in the world without doors. The doors are the perfect gateway to divide the areas into confined spaces. The door is not only used to divide the area but to also add the beautification and convenience. The doors are perfect to provide privacy. There are different kinds of doors and not every door is made to give privacy. Some doors have the functional application, some are for aesthetics and some for security. The made so the doors are dependent on their function and utility. But one thing for sure from centuries, people have innovated many things and replaced them with better alternate but doors are in the way or another still exist in their conventional shape and style. There are multiple types of doors, the reason for differentiation can be many like;

  • Size
  • Shape
  • The open and closing mechanism
  • Material
  • Design
  • Style


The size of the door will be dependent primarily on its usage. For example, if you need a door for people than normal size door will be implemented but if the door is designed for the movement of goods than it has proportionate size. Same is the case in houses usually the entrance door is larger than internal doors in melbourne of rooms.

  • Shape:

Generally, the shape of the doors is identical but there can be a difference, again dependent on the utility and aesthetics. Usually, different shapes are used to add beautification. But 95% of doors are still in traditional and conventional shape i.e. rectangular slab.

  • Opening and closing mechanism:

Nowadays we have various options when it comes to mechanisms. There different door suppliers for each type of mechanism. The mechanism can be manual, automated, folding or sliding. Each mechanism has different applications, for example sliding and folding doors are usually used in internal doors. The automated doors are applicable for commercial use, widely. The manual mechanism is the traditional mechanism and primarily applied in everyday life.

  • Material:

The door suppliers in melbourne offer multiple materials for door making. The choice of material is selected upon the utilization, function and choice of the user. The primary materials used for the door are wood, metal and plastic. The choice of material is critical for the life and strength of the door. Also, the material is the primary element that can affect the aesthetics of the door.

Design and style:

The design and style of the door are particularly depended upon the user choice. There is no single design that can have any particular usage, it is all on user preference. The person can choose just the simple slab type design or can get the design embedded with other materials like glass, metals etc. The look of the door is directly dependent on the design of the door.