Brief Guide To Save Money On Car Shipping

You are living in Australia and fond of driving. Then it’s time to get the imported car. If you are planning to start the business of importing a car or you can help your customers to get imported car chipped from the USA or UK to Australia. Importing cars from the UK or USA to Australia seems to be daunting. As there are many things that you need to align before importing cars from the UK or USA to Australia.

If you are in the business of imported cars and you import cars from uk to australia, it means you have to be very smart and carefully, in terms of documentation. One of the most important things after the cost of the imported car is its shipping cost. Almost 99% of car shipped via sea and while shipping a car from the USA or UK to Australia, you have to ensure that you are paying the right cost for shipping. Car shipping is the specialized transport and delivery, there are certain factors where you should be vigilant to make it the right cost.

Shipment Time: If you are not in hurry and have ample time to make the car shipment, then always try to book the shipping line that will be coming from the longest route. In this way, you will be able to save time. Because the fastest shipping route will have more cost. If you are shipping a car from the USA to Australia, the fastest time can be 45 days, but if you are okay to take the shipment in 75 days, as you chose the different shipping line or route, this may reduce your shipping cost significantly.

Shipping Line: Many shipping lines offer lower sea fare, if you choose the port of departure, as per their choice. For example, you are importing the car from the UK to Australia. The shipping line offers freight of GBP 600 from Port London, but you may get freight of GBP 300 from the port of Liverpool, even moving the car from one city to another will be GBP 150. It means you still managed to save GBP 150 per car by changing the port. So, whenever you are importing cars from the UK to Australia, always consider this factor.

Insurance: Importing a car from the UK to Australia, means your car will be spending around 40-50 days on the ship in the ocean. There are chances that you might good insurance rate if you chose that shipping line that has a better record of shipping cars. The same is the case in the USA, the cost of shipping a car from the USA to Australia will be backed up due to additional insurance but you can reduce the insurance rate by opting for a better shipping line.