Crucial Elements Of Chicken Bedding Management!

Some of crucial elements that generally or as a standard requirement you would need to take care of for your benefit in your chicken or poultry farming are following:


It is an important consideration of all animals including chicken bedding in Australia that your stock should be made comfortable in sitting, movement, breeding and harvesting or milking.

You can use any material, organic and inert, for chicken bedding but until and unless it is comfortable, it would not help you produce and get desired result from your faming venture.

While considering other elements in selection of a bedding material, its application and management, make sure it meets minimum comfort standard for a greater welfare of your stock.


An ability to regular and convenient cleaning that you would be required to carry out periodically would make it easier for you and your stock.

Cleaning is a major step forward to maintaining a minimum hygienic environment within space where you keep your stock.

It also helps to maintain a proper level of temperature, light and ventilation to help sustain healthy living conditions for nourishment and growth up to its potential for your stock.

Depending on material, cleaning can take some time, effort and it certainly has a cost too. This should not however discourage you or prevent you from carrying regular cleaning of chicken bedding.

It is an aspect of chicken bedding management, is more beneficial even in monetary terms in the longer run. Without a proper cleaning, your stock stands exposed to diseases, which could affect their health and you could end up suffering losses.


A proper level of ventilation is another crucial aspect to chicken bedding management. It should not come into way of passing through clean and fresh air.

It is for this reason that chicken sheds have preinstalled ventilation systems. They help in maintaining a proper level of temperatures inside, which thus help in cutting down level of moistures in the air and provide clean and dry living atmosphere for the stock.

No matter what material, chicken bedding should help improve ventilation. It could leave a positive impact on health of your livestock and they are protected and safe from bad exposure to their health.

You should take care of this aspect while selecting a material for chicken bedding and during its application and maintenance.

For this you should follow generally acceptable standards and when not sure of doing it yourself confidently, seek an expert advice and help.

Monitoring and improvement:

Some materials for bedding are not sustainable as longer as others. In that case you would need to replace them.

When you monitor quality of chicken bedding regular as a part of process of its management, you could come to know if it sustains a right quality throughout.

It is therefore important that pick a material that sustains longer. Check this website to find out more details.